– Pricing varies depending on the type of service requested –


Bridal- For pricing on makeup for an entire Wedding/ Bridal party, please see the Bridal Contract page under the,    ” Bridal| Beauty” drop down menu on the homepage.

Beauty- Beauty makeup for all events is $90.

–  $ 7 dollar up charge for individual lashes

– $ 11 dollar up charge for take home touch up kit

Character|Stage- All basic character and stage makeups start at $95

– There may or may not be an additional up charge for complexity of character/ any additional aspects of character,  (i.e gems, minor prosthetics, gold leaf, etc.)

Special Effects|Airbrush – All basic special effects and airbrush makeup starts at $125

– Additional up charge for complex characters that require excessive airbrush or prosthetics. Additional fee will be determined by amount of additional aspects.